Charcoal/ Charcoal Snows

The Charcoal and Charcoal Snows of ZawieCo
The Charcoals
Genetically, a charcoal is Apb/a.
This means that it has one ALC Agouti gene (Apb) and one non-Agouti gene(a).
Some cats may appear to be Charcoal, however they are genetically double Apb (Apb/Apb), often referred to as double charcoal carriers.
Zorro at 10 days old
Zorro at 3 weeks old
Zorro at 2 years old



Charcoal Snows
The stunning Charcoal Snows are produced when the wild agouti gene (Apb) crosses with the non agouti gene (a) in a Snow Bengal.
As with Charcoals, you may have a Snow that appears to be Charcoal, but is double Apb/Apb.

Genetically, a charcoal seal lynx would be Apb/a/cs/cs
A seal lynx double charcoal carrier would be Apb/Apb/cs/cs
A charcoal seal mink would be Apb/a/cb/cs or A Seal mink double charcoal carrier would be Apb/Apb/cs/cb
A Charcoal Sepia would be Apb/a/cb/cb or A Sepia double charcoal carrier would be Apb/Apb/cb/cb

Here are some of the Charcoal Seal Lynx, and Charcoal Seal Minks we have produced at ZawieCo.
Charcoal Seal Lynx Point:
DaVinci at 8 weeks

DaVinci at 11 weeks

DaVinci at 8 months

DaVinci at 10 months

DaVinci with his litter mates at 1 week. Here you can see the difference between the SLP and Mink, however it is not obvious who is a charcoal snow and who is not.

Drogon as a kitten

Drogon at 1 year

Trancey as a kitten

The beautiful blue eyes of a SLP

Trancey at 2 years

Charcoal Seal Mink:
Biscuit at 1 week

Biscuit at 5 weeks

Biscuit at 1 year

Biscuit at 3 years

Mistique at 3 weeks

Mistique at 9 weeks

The gorgeous aqua eyes of a Mink

Mistique as an adult

Star as a kitten

Star as an adult showing off her dark cape

Star as an adult

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