Seal Mink

Genetically, the Seal Mink Bengal is cb/ cs. This means that it has inherited one copy of the Siamese (cs) gene and one copy of the Burmese (cb) gene.

Often exhibiting beautiful aqua colored eyes, the mink can also have green eyes.

The background color will be ivory, cream or light tan and markings will be various shades of seal mink to dark seal mink.

Seal Mink Snows are born showing contrast, but can differ in color as seen in the picture below.

Below you can see the development of a Seal Mink

Pepper, our Silver Seal Mink kitten 2 days old.

Pepper, 8 weeks old and in her fuzzies.


Our beautiful Pepper.. all grown up.

Reef as a kitten

Reef all grown up

Marble snows are gorgeous!

Seal Mink Marble
Some of the Seal Mink cats and kittens we have raised at ZawieCo

Zawie...My beautiful seal mink girl, and my very first Bengal.
Her strong type is carried on through her progeny.
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