Seal Lynx Point

The Seal Lynx point emerged as a natural result of early Bengal breeding, when many cats were used to create the filial generation, and the recessive Siamese gene remained.

Genetically, the Seal Lynx is cs/cs which means that it has two copies of the Siamese albino gene.

SLP's have the lightest background color of the snows with patterns that range from brownish grey to tan or buff.

SLP have very lovely blue eyes that make them quite outstanding:

Seal Lynx Point kittens can be born completely white, or they can be born showing various degrees of contrast..

Newborn SLP littermates: One is all white and shows no contrast, the other has considerable contrast.

Very white slp kittens at 1 week old.

All Seal Lynx kittens will developed contrast as they get older, whether they were born all white or showing contrast.

Contrast development in the Seal Lynx

In these pictures below, you can see the contrast develop as the SLP kitten ages. This kitten was born already showing contrast.

3 Weeks

5 Weeks

5 Months

1 year

This kitten below was born totally white.

3.5 Weeks

4.5 weeks

8 Weeks

11 Weeks

5 Months


Some slp's can stay white for a longer time..

14 Weeks

5.5 Months

1 Year


Marble snows are very gorgeous
This SLP marble below has a beautiful horizontal flow

Seal Lynx Point Marble
Gallery of some of the SLP's we have raised over the years
If you are impatiently waiting for your SLP to show his contrast.... you can always do this.... LOL
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